Archangel's Smite (Equivalent Exchange 2)

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This page is about the Archangel's Smite added by Equivalent Exchanger 2. For other uses, see Archangel's Smite.
Archangel's Smite

ModEquivalent Exchange 2
EMC value280,864 EMC

The Archangel's Smite is a tool from Equivalent Exchange 2. It is used to shoot arrows. These arrows are made out of 14 EMC per arrow, which can come from arrows (1:1 ratio), dirt or cobblestone, or charged Klein Stars.

It can be charged by using the V key. Clicking after this will shoot 7 arrows at once. Using it will shoot a single arrow. The G or R keys can be used to shoot a rapid-fire stream of arrows at 17 arrows per second. The arrows will try to hit the nearest entity.