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This page is about the Arcane Workbench from Electroblob's Wizardry. For other uses, see Arcane Workbench.
Arcane Workbench

ModElectroblob's Wizardry
TypeSolid block

The Arcane Workbench is a block added by Electroblob's Wizardry. It is used to modify Magic Wands, from the mod by adding upgrades, spells, or Mana. It is also used to craft Scrolls and upgrade Wizard Robes and other armors from the mod.


The Arcane Worbench's GUI has 3 slots: one for the item to modify, one for Magic Crystals and one for upgrades, as well as an Apply button.

When putting a Magic Wand into the appropriate slot, 5 slots (or more if the wand has Wand Attunement Upgrades) appear in a circle around it. Putting Spell Books in those slots and clicking Apply will bind the Spells the Books contained into the appropriate slots in the Wand, which can then be cast.

The Wand's Mana reserve can be refilled by putting Magic Crystals in the appropriate slot and clicking Apply, consuming Crystals to refill 100 Mana each. Putting Wand Upgrades or valid Tomes of Arcana into the upgrade slot and clicking Apply will apply them to the Wand, if possible.

When putting any wizard armor into the main slot, it can be refilled with Magic Crystals the same way Magic Wands can, and can be applied an Arcane Seal of Protection to upgrade it.

When putting a Blank Scroll into the main slot, a slot for a single Spell Book appears. Putting a non continuous Spell in it along with enough Magic Crystals in the appropriate slot (1 Crystal per 100 Mana cost, rounded up) will consume the Crystals and turn the Blank Scroll into a Scroll containing the spell.