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Arcane Tome

ModArcane Scrolls

The Arcane Tome is an item from the Arcane Scrolls mod. This item is the gateway to learning spells and recipes from the mod. When used, the tome opens to the Table of Contents page, which displays a few sections: Utility Scrolls, Defense Scrolls, Offense Scrolls, Special Scrolls, and Write Scrolls. When in the Write Scrolls page, either the scroll wheel or the arrow keys can be used to navigate down the list, as not all of the scrolls will fit on one page.



To view spells, the desired category, listed above, must be clicked. This will list all of the spells of that given category, which each have a varying amount of experience needed. Spells that cannot be unlocked, due to lack of experience, appear as random characters.

After learning spells, they can be created in the Write Spells page. Each scroll will cost a Quill and an Unwritten Scroll.