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Arcane Scrolls
Développeurs anciensduke605
Dernière version de Minecraft1.7.10
Dépendant deKingCore
Magic World 2

Arcane Scrolls est un mod abandonné par duke605. Il est basé sur la magie et des parchemins qui donnent au joueur certaines aptitudes, comme la nourriture, les soins et la fonte. Ce mod ajoute aussi des éléments à la génération du monde sous forme de Minerai Ésotérique. Ce mod ne fonctionne pas correctement si KingCore n'est pas installé.

The mod is based around its own power, which is frequently referred to as Arcane Energy or AE. AE is also the measurement used when referencing the energy amount. Arcane Energy is made from simply storing Arcane Stones in an Arcane Pouch. The stones will be automatically converted into energy, creating 20 AE per stone. The scrolls that the mod is centered around all use a set amount of AE, as do most of the tools and other items.

It has an in-game book for documentation called the Arcane Tome. This describes each recipe in the game, which can also be found using NEI, and the power needed for each spell/scroll. It is also what is used to unlock scrolls using experience levels. The documentation is very minimal, and doesn't describe what the scrolls do.

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