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Arcane Pouch

ModArcane Scrolls
AE Storage100,000 AE
AE Production50 AE/item

The Arcane Pouch is a tool added by Arcane Scrolls. This item is used to store the player's Arcane Energy (AE). AE is produced from Arcane Stones, at a 50 AE/item rate. When the Arcane Pouch is first crafted, it stores 0 AE. This energy is required for the usage of spells and scrolls within the Arcane Scrolls mod. The pouch can hold up to 100,000 AE.



The Arcane Pouch can be used with the use key while equipped. All Arcane Stones in the player's inventory will be converted to AE. Stones can be removed from the pouch by sneak-using.

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