Arcane Plinth

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Arcane Plinth

ModBlood Magic
TypeSolid block

The Arcane Plinth is a block added by Blood Magic. It is used in conjunction with Arcane Pedestals to summon Demons and Elementals. The Arcane Plinth is the center of the summoning circle, and must have the correct tier or higher blood orb placed on it in order to finish the summon.


FTB Infinity Evolved

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The Arcane Plinth is obtained through Elven trade. It requires 2 Arcane Pedestals and 1 Null Catalyst.

Summoning Circle

The Arcane Plinth is the central block used to create a Summoning Circle in order to call forth demons from beyond. The Summoning Circle consists of three separate tiers, with each successive capable of summoning more powerful demons.

Summoning a demon requires that you place a particular set of items upon the pedestals surrounding the Arcane Plinth. The items may be placed in any order and position. Placing an item onto a pedestal functions identically to placing items in a Blood Altar - right click with the item in hand to place it on the pedestal. You may also remove items from the Arcane Pedestal or Arcane Plinth by right clicking it with an empty hand.

In addition to the required ingredients, each demon requires that a blood orb be placed atop the Arcane Plinth. The blood orb can be placed at any time during the summoning process, or simply left atop the Arcane Plinth between summons.

If the items were placed correctly lightning will strike each pedestal in turn, consuming the placed items as it strikes. When all items are consumed, the Arcane Plinth will be struck with lightning and the demon will be summoned.

Tier 1

A tier 1 summoning structure in Blood Magic
Blood Magic Summoning Tier 1b.png

Tier 2

A tier 2 summoning structure in Blood Magic
Blood Magic Summoning Tier 2b.png

Tier 3

A tier 3 summoning structure in Blood Magic
Blood Magic Summoning Tier 3b.png