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Arcane Guardian
ModArs Magica 2
TypeHostile monster

The Arcane Guardian is a boss mob added by Ars Magica 2. It appears as a levitating robed skeleton with a spinning ritual circle behind it.

The Arcane Compendium recommends that the player should be at a Magic Level of at least 45, but unlocks the page at Magic Level 25.

AM2 bosses cannot be cloned via MineFactory Reloaded's Auto-Spawner or captured via Safari Net.


The Arcane Guardian can be summoned by making a structure called the Shrine of Knowledge. Place a Lectern, and put your Arcane Compendium into it. On either side, place a pillar of Bookshelves 3 high. In front of the Lectern, make a 3x3 ring of Iron Inlays, and throw in an Arcane Essence.


The Arcane Guardian attacks and defends itself using magic. It shoots magic projectiles that do a significant amount of damage, unless protected from by Mage Armor or Battlemage Armor. It protects itself from physical attacks using the ritual circle on its back. It can heal itself and can teleport.