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Aquaculture 2 add new fishing rods to the game, the new fishing rods add various mechanics that improve your fishing capabilities. Improved fishing

Aquaculture add various mechanics that can boost your chances of catching something while your line is cast, for example, bait. You can use use bait to increase your chances of catching a fish.





You can obtain Leeches and Minnows by fishing, and Worms in a Worm Farm.

Fishing Rods


Iron and Diamond: chance to not use durability.

Gold: Increased luck.

Light: casts further.

Heavy: casts shorter.

Double: chance to catch two things.

Redstone: longer opportunity to reel in a fish.

Note: audible alert when a fish is approaching.

Netherstar: chance to not use durability and increased luck.


Aquaculture also adds various cosmetic items into the game to customize your fishing rods. Bobber

A dyeable bobber that can be dyed like leather armor.

Fishing Line A dyeable fishing line that can be dyed like leather armor.

Tackle Box

Aquaculture also adds a Tackle Box. In it, you can store all of these items and fish bait.

Tackle Box expmple GUI.png