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App Installer


App Installer is a type of items featured in AcademyCraft. They are designed with purpose to extend functionality of Data Terminal. Right click with any of them handed will install them immediately into current player's Data Terminal.


Currently there are three types of App Installer available:

Skill Tree

This App allows player to view their ability progression at any time and anywhere.

Frequency Transmitter

This App provides a faster way to setting up Wireless Energy Network. After click this App in Data Terminal, right click with a Wireless Imag Matrix and confirm password, then right click with a Node will immediately connect them together, without opening neither matrix nor node.

Media Player

See also: Only My RailgunLevel5 -Judgelight- and Sister's Noise

This App can allow player to play media files. By default, AcademyCraft itself integrated three musics files, all of them are opening theme music of A Certain Scientific Railgun series.