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This page is about the Apiary added by Forestry. For other uses, see Apiary.


The Apiary is a Forestry machine that allows Bees to reproduce and produce Honey Combs. Depending on the breed of bees, other products can be produced, such as Pollen, Royal Jelly, Ash, and Glowstone Dust.



The Apiary can hold up to three frames, which provide multipliers to production, lifespan, genetic decay, and other statistics, but the frames only last for a certain number of 'uses' by the Apiary. While Forestry only adds three frames (the Untreated Frame, the Impregnated Frame, and the Proven Frame), there are many addons for Forestry that add more frames.

Frame Durability Production Genetic Decay Lifespan Territory Mutation Source Mod

Untreated Frame
80 2.0 0.9 Forestry

Impregnated Frame
240 2.0 0.4 Forestry

Proven Frame
720 2.0 0.3 Forestry

Chocolate Frame
240 1.5 0.75 Extra Bees

Restraint Frame
240 0.75 0.75 0.5 Extra Bees

Soul Frame
80 0.25 0.75 1.5 Extra Bees

Healing Frame
240 0.75 1.5 0.5 Extra Bees

Nova Frame
240 0.0 Extra Bees

Metabolic Frame
130 1.2 1.8 Magic Bees

Temporal Frame
300 0.8 2.5 Magic Bees

Oblivion Frame
50 0.0 0.0001 Magic Bees

Necrotic Frame
280 0.8 1.2 0.3 Magic Bees

Magic Frame
240 2.0 0.6 Magic Bees

Resilient Frame
800 2.0 0.5 Magic Bees

Gentle Frame
200 1.4 0.01 1.5 0.7 Magic Bees

Mutation Frame
Career Bees

Eternal Frame
0.0 1000000.0 Career Bees

Poison Frame
Career Bees

Pheremone Frame
Career Bees

Settings Frame
Career Bees