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Antique Atlas
Modicon AntiqueAtlas.png
Current developersHunternif, coolAlias, Kenkron
Version1.16.5: 5.4.4-fabric
1.16.4: 5.4.4-fabric
1.16.3: 5.4.4-fabric
1.16.2: 5.4.4-fabric
1.16.1: 5.3.0-fabric
1.15.2: 5.2.0-fabric
1.14.4: 5.1.4-fabric
1.14.3: 5.1.0-fabric
1.14.2: 5.0.5-fabric
1.14.1: 5.0.4-fabric
1.12.2: 4.6.3
1.12: 4.4.4
1.11.2: 4.4.6
1.10.2: 4.4.6
1.9.4: 4.4.6
1.8.9: 4.4.0
1.8: 4.2.10
1.7.10: 4.4.4
1.7.2: 4.0.1a
1.6.4: 3.1.1
Supported Minecraft versions1.6.4-1.16.5
TolkienCraft II
Vanilla Plus

Antique Atlas is a mod created by Hunternif, with contributions from coolAlias and Kenkron. It adds a book which maps the area around the player with textures chosen based on each chunk's biome.



After crafting the Empty Antique Atlas, right-clicking while holding the Atlas will activate the atlas. This will append a number to its name, starting with zero. Right-clicking again will open the atlas for viewing.

While viewing, the player can zoom with the scroll wheel, or click and drag to navigate. The buttons on the right side of the window are used to add/remove or hide markers from the map. The ability to export the map to an image file is also available.


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