Animal Sewer

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Animal Sewer

ModIndustrial Foregoing
Blast resistance15
RF use2 RF/t
RF storage50,040 RF
Technical details
Registry nameindustrialforegoing:animal_byproduct_recolector
Unlocalized nametile.industrialforegoing.animal_byproduct_recolector

The Animal Sewer is a machine added by Industrial Foregoing. It produces Sewage at a rate of 15 mb per animal per second and supports a maximum of 11 animals for a maximum output of 165mb per operation. The working area of the machine is a single block directly above the Animal Sewer. This working area can be expanded with a Range Addon. Each operation will consume 40 RF from the work energy buffer. This buffer refills at 2 RF/t allowing for one operation every 20 ticks.


"Industrial Foregoing"

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