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Animal Reanimation


Animal Reanimation is a Ritual added by Roots. It can be used to summon a Pig, a Cow, a Sheep, a Chicken or a Rabbit.


Each Animal Reanimation Ritual requires a Bone plus two items specific to the animal to be summoned to be placed on the Casting Altar, and one Seed and one Nether Wart to be burned in the Incense Brazier. The Ritual requires Mundane Standing Stones to be placed around it.

The two items to be sacrificed on the Casting Altar (along with a Bone) are as follows-

Runic Tablet entry

With the enhanced channeling abilities of the standing stones, you believe that you could imbue the corpse of a dead creature with enough healing energy to bring it back to life. Given the flesh and bones of a passive mob, these rituals will bring that mob back to life on top of the altar.
Runic Tablet


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