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Ancient Tome


The Ancient Tome is an item added by Quark. It is used to increase an enchantment by one level over its maximum level. It is very rare and can only be found in dungeon Chests.

Chance of finding at least one[1]
Chest Type Chance Average per Chest*
Stronghold Library 80% 1.5
Dungeon 13% 0.14
  1. Test of 80-100 of each chests spawned in and counted manually. Numbers are an approximation.

Notes: On rare occasions more than one will spawn in a chest. Average number per chest accounts for this.

This only accounts for all vanilla loot tables and Pirate Ships.


By combining the Ancient Tome and an Enchanted Book in an Anvil and spending 35 levels, it will increase the enchantment one level higher than its maximum vanilla level. It will cost another 35 levels to apply the newly created Enchanted Book to a tool or item.


Feather Falling IV
Thorns III
Sharpness V
Smite V
Bane of Arthropods V
Knockback II
Fire Aspect II
Looting III
Sweeping Edge III
Efficiency V
Unbreaking III
Fortune III
Power V
Punch II
Luck of the Sea III
Lure III

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