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Anchor Stone

ModArcane Scrolls

The Anchor Stone is an item from the Arcane Scrolls mod. This item is used to teleport the player from one place to another set location at the cost of Arcane Energy (AE). The AE cost starts at 1, and for every 2 steps away from the destination, the AE cost will increase by 1. When an Anchor Stone has a destination set, it will look enchanted and have the following information in the tooltip: destination coordinates, dimension ID, and the AE cost. Inter-dimensional travel is possible with this item, costing a constant 200 Arcane Energy, regardless of the player's location in the dimension. Due to the way Vanilla teleportation code works, the Anchor Stone will create a Nether Portal if the player teleports from the nether to the overworld.



The use key can be used to initially set the location, and to teleport to the set location. Changing the location can be done through sneak-using the item.