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TypeMultiblock structure

The Alveary is a multiblock structure added by Forestry. It is used as a Habitat for Bees.


The Habitat is constructed as a 3x4x3 structure where the bottom 3 layers are Alveary blocks and the top layer is wooden slabs.



The Alveary can be upgraded by replacing blocks in its structure.

  • The
    Alveary Sieve must be provided with a Woven Silk and allows the player to collect Pollen that would otherwise have been used by the Bees to randomly pollinate nearby trees. The Woven Silk must be replaced when the Pollen is collected.
  • The
    Alveary Heater will increase the temperature of the Alveary when RF is provided.
  • The
    Alveary Stabiliser extends the number of generations Ignoble Queens will last before dying out.