Altar (Witchery)

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This page is about the Witchery Altar. For other uses, see Altar.

TypeMultiblock structure
Blast resistance2

The Altar is both a block and a multiblock structure added by Witchery. The block is used to build the multiblock structure, the Altar. This structure is built in a 2x3 formation and will appear with a cloth covering the top when built properly. The Altar is used to provide power for rituals, Distilleries, Kettles, and other magical devices and actions.


The Altar can be powered by placing various blocks and items on the top face of the structure, and around the structure. How much power the altar currently has, the maximum power it can have, and its recharge rate can be seen in the chat log as current power/maximum power (recharge rate).

Non-standard upgrades

Non-standard upgrades can only be placed on top of the Altar structure. Only one of each non-standard upgrade may be used per Altar. Upgrades listed with more than one item such as Recharge Rate Boost and Power Boost Multiplier will stack when used on a single altar; this can be shown by placing both a Wither Skeleton Skull and an empty Chalice on the altar. The boost in power will be more using both items than if using one or the other. Heads do not stack; only the better one will provide its bonuses. Chalices will not stack with each other.

Upgrade Power boost Recharge rate boost Power boost multiplier Distribution range boost
Infinity Egg 1000 +10x +10x
Player Head +3 +2.5x
Wither Skeleton Skull +2 +2x
Skeleton Skull +1 +1x
Chalice +1x
Chalice (Filled) +2x
Torch +1
Candelabra +2
Pentacle +2x
Arthana +2x

Standard upgrades

Standard upgrades can be placed anywhere within the Altar's range of 16 blocks from the center blocks of the altar and be counted towards their individual block maximums. This range extends along the x, y and z axis. By placing a variety of standard items around an altar the player can significantly increase the altar power available for use.

Upgrade Power boost Maximum block amount
Dragon Egg 250 1
Demon Heart 40 2
Spanish Moss 3 20
Vanilla flowers 4 30
Wheat plant 4 20
Pumpkin block 4 20
Melon block 4 20
Carrot plant 4 20
Potato plant 4 20
Belladonna 4 20
Mandrake plant 4 20
Water Artichoke 4 20
Snowbell 4 20
Ember Moss 4 20
Any of Witchery's leaves 4 50
Any of Witchery's logs 3 100
Any block with the OreDict tag treeSapling 4 20
Any block with the OreDict tag treeLeaves 3 100
Tall grass 3 50
Red or brown mushroom 3 20 per type
Cactus 3 50
Sugar canes 3 50
Pumpkin plant 3 20
Large red or brown mushroom blocks 3 20 per type
Melon plant 3 20
Cocoa beans 3 20
Wispy Cotton 3 20
Any block with the OreDict tag logWood 2 50
Any flower not added by Vanilla 2 4
Grass 2 80
Vine 2 50
Glint Weed 2 20
Critter Snare 2 10
Grassper 2 10
Blood Poppy 2 10
Dirt 1 80
Tilled farmland 1 100
Water 1 50
Mycelium 1 80

Tip: placing an altar in an organized farm field will save both space and time running for materials as they should be within just a few blocks of the altar.

A Mystic Branch can be placed on top of the Altar, but this has no functional purpose; it is purely decorational.

Some additions from mods like Biomes O' Plenty may cause strange interactions.



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