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This page is about the Altar added by The Aether. For other uses, see Altar.


The Altar is a new utility block introduced in the Aether.


The Altar uses ambrosium shards to transmute several items into more useful ones, and to repair tools and armor.


Ingredients Input » Output
Holystone Blocks,
Zanite Gemstone
Template:Grid/Crafting Table


The altar can be used to transmute items into other items.


The items that can be transmuted are:

  • [[../Holystone|Holystone]] => [[../Healing Stone|healing stone]]
  • [[../Quicksoil|Quicksoil]] => [[../Quicksoil Glass|quicksoil glass]]
  • [[../Gravitite Ore|Gravitite ore]] => [[../Enchanted Gravitite|enchanted gravitite]]
  • [[../Poison Bucket|Poison bucket]] => [[../Remedy Bucket|remedy bucket]]
  • [[../Ring|Rings]] => [[../Ice Ring|ice rings]]
  • [[../Pendant|pendants]] => [[../Ice Pendant|ice pendants]]
  • [[../Dart Shooter|Dart shooter]] => [[../Enchanted Shooter|enchanted shooters]]
  • [[../Golden Dart|Golden dart]] => [[../Enchanted Dart|enchanted darts]]
  • music discs => [[../Blue Music Disc|blue music disc]]


The Altar also repairs damaged items back up to their full health.


Items that the altar repairs are:


Prior to version 1.0.3, the Altar was called the Enchanter. The name change was to avoid confusion between the Altar and the official Minecraft block of a similar name.


Icon Achievement In-game description Prerequisites Actual requirements (if different)
Template:Achievement Do you believe in magic? Craft an enchanter Hostile Paradise Pick up an altar from a crafting table.