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This page is about the Alloy Furnace added by RedPower 2. For other uses, see Alloy Furnace.
Alloy Furnace

ModRedPower 2

The Alloy Furnace is a type of furnace added by RedPower 2. It is used to combine metals and other materials into alloys, such as Brass, Red Alloy Ingots or Silicon Boules. Like a normal Furnace, it requires fuel to smelt the items.

A Blutricity-powered version, the Blulectric Alloy Furnace, exists as well. Besides being powered by Blutricity, it is identical to the regular Alloy Furnace.


GUI Alloy Furnace.png

Fuel is supplied in the left slot, the items to be combined go into the nine middle slots (the order doesn't matter) and the output will land in the right slot. Fuel and smelting mechanics are identical to those of a regular Furnace, except for the nine input slots.