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This page is about the Alchemical Chest added by ProjectE. For other uses, see Alchemical Chest.
Alchemical Chest

EMC value8,986 EMC

The Alchemical Chest is a chest and crafting component added by ProjectE, based off the Alchemical Chest added by Equivalent Exchange 2.

The Alchemical Chest is a large chest, capable of holding 104 stacks of items (compared to a vanilla double-chest's 72 stacks). In addition, the chest can be upgraded with some utility items that perform special effects. The Black Hole Band will collect items dropped nearby, the Gem of Eternal Density will compress the contents into items of higher EMC value, and the Talisman of Repair will slowly repair items contained within.

It is also used as a crafting component in the creation of Alchemical Bags and the Energy Condenser.



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