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This page is about the Alchemical Chest added by Equivalent Exchanger 2. For other uses, see Alchemical Chest.
Alchemical Chest

ModEquivalent Exchange 2
TypeSolid block
EMC value8,987 EMC

The Alchemical Chest is a block from Equivalent Exchange 2. It is a storage device with 104 slots, and has special abilities when certain items are placed in its storage. If it is placed next to a Dark or Red Matter Furnace, all of the smelted items will automatically get transferred into the chest.

When the Talisman of Repair is placed in it, it will repair all tools without the need of Covalence Dust at a 1 damage point/second rate. When a Gem of Eternal Density is in it, it will turn low-EMC items into high-EMC items at 10 items/second. The Black Hole Band will pull dropped items into the chest within a 7 block radius. The Void Ring combines the abilities of the Gem of Eternal Density and Black Hole Band. The Interdiction Torch will provide a light level of 15 and repel mobs.

It can be used to create the Alchemy Bag and the Energy Condenser.