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Akashic Tome
Modicon Akashic Tome.png
Current developersVazkii
Version1.16.5: 16
1.16.4: 16
1.16.3: 16
1.15.2: 13
1.12.2: 12
1.12.1: 10
1.12: 10
1.11.2: 7
1.10.2: 5
Supported Minecraft versions1.10.2-1.16.5
Depends onAutoRegLib
Mod IDakashictome

Akashic Tome is a mod created by Vazkii. It adds a single item of the same name, a book capable of holding multiple mod documentation books. The mod is based on Morph-o-Tool, which holds mod tools like wrenches.

Akashic Tome

Akashic Tome

ModAkashic Tome
Technical details
Registry nameakashictome:tome

The Akashic Tome is the sole item added by Akashic Tome. To add books to it, craft it with the book in a crafting grid. Multiple books of the same type can be held by the tome.

Right-clicking with the tome will open an interface showing all the added books, clicking on a book will turn the tome into the selected book. Left-clicking without looking at any block with the book will turn it back into the tome.

Shift right-clicking with the tome on a block will turn the tome into a book from the mod adding that block. If multiple books from that mod are present, it will choose the first one added. If the book is not present, it will instead attempt to open a relevant wiki page, using Botania's wiki lookup API used by the Lexica Botania.

To remove a book from the tome, turn the tome into that book, then throw the tome while sneaking - this will throw the chosen book and leave the tome in the player's inventory.

The tome does not emulate functionality of other mod's books, instead it turns into the actual book with the tome's data stored as NBT data - care is advised, as crafting with books stored by the tome may result in loss of the tome and all stored books.



The following settings can be modified in the config file.

By default, all items containing book, tome, lexicon, nomicon, manual, knowledge, pedia, compendium, guide, codex or journal in their registry names can be added to the tome (with exception of vanilla items like the Book).

In addition, the OpenComputers Manual, the Engineer's Manual from Immersive Engineering and the Runed Tablet from Roots are explicitly whitelisted. Another config option allows for all items to be added to the tome.

Mod aliases can be defined to handle blocks added by a mod with books of another mod. By default, Thermal Expansion, Dynamics and Cultivation redirect to Thermal Foundation, RFTools Dimensions redirects to RFTools, and Natural Pledge redirects to Botania.

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