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Air Guardian
ModArs Magica 2
TypeHostile monster

The Air Guardian is a boss mob added by Ars Magica 2 (AM2). Its appearance is similar to a player, but has an Air Sled instead of legs.

The Arcane Compendium recommends that the player should be at a Magic Level of at least 35, but unlocks the page at Magic Level 25. AM2 bosses cannot be cloned via MineFactory Reloaded ’s Auto-Spawner or captured via Safari Net.


The Air Guardian can be summoned by making a platform at y level of 150 or higher. On that platform, make a ring of 8 Gold Inlays, then throw an Air Essence into the center. If the Air Guardian gets too low, it will despawn.


The Air Guardian's primary attack is to cast Fling at the player, knocking them high into the air and potentially off the platform. It has a secondary attack where it spins quickly, sucking players towards it, before flinging them much higher into the air. This attack can be canceled by dealing enough damage during the charge period. The Air Guardian is also able to teleport short distances. While fighting the Air Guardian, there is a chance for equipped armor to be unequipped.