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Current developersTeam Metallurgy
Version1.7.10: 2.0.52
1.6.4: 1.2.13
1.6.2: 1.2.13
Supported Minecraft versions1.6.2-1.7.10

Agriculture is a mod by the Team Metallurgy. It is used to expand the cooking and farming systems within Minecraft. It adds new machines, recipes, and a new hunger system called the Well Fed system.

Well Fed System[]

Eating a "good" food item (processed) will give you Well Fed points. You can view the points on your hunger bar as a golden outline that very slowly degrades. There are 20 levels of Well Fed, each one will improve your movement and item-swinging speed by about 1%.


The Agriculture mod adds a variety of Crops and Spices to the world. Spices are rare plants that drop bits of their type as you hit them (but lowers their growth stage each hit) when they are at stage 1 they can be broken and replanted on tilled ground. There are no seeds for these. Cinnamon is the main Spice available with Agriculture. There are also Peanuts and Strawberries, which you can find in treasure chests scattered around the world (dungeons, strongholds, villages, etc.).


Machines are a vital part of food production using this mod. They often have different GUIs depending on where you open them from, e.g. the front of the Counter is a storage area.

There are currently five machines. They can be collected into three groups:

  • Processing-Combining foods into more complex items
  • Cooking-Changing one food into its cooked version
  • Brewing-Combining liquids


These machines have one "base" input, with either one or four subsequent input slots to "mix" with the first. Most recipes are made using these machines. These may also need fuel to operate. Examples are the Counter and Processor.


These machines only change one item into another, however have multiple slots in order to "cook" multiple items at the same time. Most foods cooked in these have a "raw" equivalent. Some, like the Oven, can be upgraded to cook more items at the same time. These need fuel to operate, and may also need an agent (such as Cooking Oil) as well.


These machines have liquid tanks in their GUI, and input slots for these tanks. They also have an ingredient slot, where any non-liquid ingredients are added. Once the liquid is made, it is outputted into a storage tank. This liquid can then be collected in a Ceramic Cup. There is currently only one machine that falls into this category: the Brewer.

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