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Affinities are specialized areas of magic in Ars Magica 2 that the players may align themselves to. Currently there are 10 different type of Affinities, each with their own unique buff and debuff - Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Nature, Ice, Lightning, Life, Arcane, and Ender. Every Ars Magica 2 spell, depending on its components, is aligned to one or more Affinity. Successfully spell-casting will cause the caster to gain depth and shift into the spell's aligned Affinity. Using Affinity Tomes will also cause the caster to shift into its specified Affinity.

The caster's depth in an Affinity is measured by percentage and is displayed as a small icon located at the bottom right of the screen by default. The icon may be moved around in the amucfg window, accessible by entering the command, /amuicfg. As the caster's percentage in a specific Affinity increases, the caster will start to gain access to its special buff(s) and debuff(s), which can be viewed via an Occulus.

When the caster's depth in an Affinity reaches 100%, that Affinity will then become locked and caster becomes aligned to that Affinity. A locked Affinity will cause the reduce depth in the other Affinities to 0% and stall any future progression. Using an Affinity Tome: General will unlock the locked Affinity and revert its depth to 0%.

Affinities Buffs and Debuffs

  • Earth Affinity: At 25% depth, the caster will start to receive less damage from attacks, capping at a 10% reduction. Players aligned with the Earth Affinity will sink faster in water and are more prone to fall damage.

  • Water Affinity: Grants a greater swim-speed and reduces the player's oxygen consumption underwater. At a high enough depth, water flow will no longer affect the player, and Endermen will take damage if they come into contact. Players aligned with the Water Affinity will start to lose 25% of their health if exposed to hot climates like the Nether.

  • Air Affinity: The player becomes less prone to fall damage and is granted a boost in their jump height. At 50% depth, the player will be able to jump one block farther. The boost will increase to 2 blocks at 75% and 3 blocks at 100%. Players aligned with the Air Affinity will have difficultly moving in rain and thunderstorms. Casting a Gravity Well spell or sneaking will help negate the effect.

  • Fire Affinity: Grants fire and lava damage reduction which increases as the player gains more depth, up to a maximum of 60% reduction at 100% Affinity. Players aligned with Fire Affinity will become able to light enemies on fire via punching, but will start to lose 25% of their health if in contact with Water.

  • Nature Affinity: Grants additional drops when harvesting seeds and saplings. At 50% depth, the player acquires an innate Thorns ability (works similar to the Thorns armor enchantment)—the damage increases at 75% and 100% Affinity. Players aligned with the Nature Affinity become able to regenerate health in direct sunlight and climb certain walls similar to a Spider but will suffer slower movement speed and an faster hunger loss during night or in dark areas.

  • Ice Affinity: Causes a decrease in enemies' movement speed and at 50% depth, players will become able to freeze Water into Ice. At 100% depth, the player is able to freeze Lava into Obsidian. Players aligned with the Ice Affinity will suffer slower movement speed unless they are in contact with Ice or Water.

  • Lightning Affinity: Causes a 1-30% increase in movement speed dependent on the player's depth. At 50% depth, player will become able to climb over one block high walls similar to Thaumcraft's Boots of the Traveller. Lightning Affinity will cause the player to activate nearby TNT and supercharge Creepers with the range decreasing as the player gains more depth.

  • Life Affinity: Increases a player's regeneration rate proportional player's depth in the Affinity. Players aligned with the Life Affinity will be able to regain health regardless of their hunger, but will suffer 4 seconds of Weakness II, Mining Fatigue II, Nausea II with 1 second of Hunger II if they were to kill a living mob (Undead mobs such as a Zombie won't trigger the negative effects).

  • Arcane Affinity: Reduces the Mana cost of spells by 5%. Spells cast by players aligned with the Arcane Affinity will have a chance to grant them the Clarity effect, allowing the next spell cast to cost 0 Mana, but will receive more damage caused by Magic-related sources.

  • Ender Affinity: Grants poison resistance at 50% depth and Night vision at 75%. At 100% depth, Endermen will become neutral, but the player will suffer health reduction in daylight and when they come into contact with Water.