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This page is about the Aether II: Highlands mod. For other uses, see Aether.
Aether II: Highlands
Modicon Aether II
Current developersGilded Games
Version1.12.2: 0.3.0+build411
1.7.10: 1.6
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10-1.12.2
Depends onGilded Games Util (1.7.10 only)
The Greek word Αιθήρ, Aether, means "pure, fresh air" or "clear sky", imagined in mythology to be the pure essence where the gods lived and which they breathed.

Aether II: Highlands is a mod by Gilded Games, as a re-continuation of the original Aether mod. Aether II adds a new dimension called the Aether, a dimension serving as the polar opposite of The Nether. The Aether is made of floating islands, similar to The End, and contains plenty of biomes, dungeons, and loot.

Entering the Aether[]

Aether II Portal

A portal to the Aether

The Aether can be entered by created a structure similar to the Nether Portal, but out of Quartz Blocks instead of Obsidian. The portal should be "lit" with a Water Bucket instead of a Flint and Steel.

When entering the Aether, a portal will be generated in the new dimension, again just like the Nether Portal, which can be entered and exited, just like the Nether Portal.

Exiting the Aether[]

As noted above, the Aether can be exited through the Aether Portal. However, there is also another way to exit - by jumping off the floating islands and into the clouds below. Instead of falling into a void and dying like in The End, the player will fall back into the Overworld. This does, however, cause significant fall damage, but this can be avoided with a Parachute such as the Cold Cloud Parachute or by falling into water.

Falling out of the Aether does not work in reverse and building high up will do nothing; a portal must be used for access.


Aether II Menu

The Aether II, per default, modifies the Minecraft menu. It can be restored the original menu by clicking the arrow buttons at the top-left of the screen.

Clicking "The Cloud Network" allows access to the Aether II's official servers (called "Clouds"). They may or not be online, depending on many various factors.

AII Backpack

Backpack view

AII Accessories

Accessories view


Aether II modifies the normal Minecraft inventory. A tab is added at the top, to switch between between "Backpack" and "Accessories" mode. The Backpack mode is the same as the usual inventory, while the Accessories mode allows access to special trinket slots- 1 Pendant, 1 Companion, 1 Shield, 2 Rings, 1 pair of Gloves and 2 Miscellaneous slots.

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