Aechor Plant (The Aether)

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This page is about the Aechor Plant added by The Aether. For other uses, see Aechor Plant.

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Aechor Plants are extremely rare plants that spawn in the Aether in groups of 1-3. They cannot move, so they simply fire poison darts at the player if they come close. This will deal 1.5 hearts of damage every 2 seconds or so over a period of around 25 seconds, making for a grand total of 12.5 hearts damage. So without food or a remedy bucket, they can be deadly. Although they spawn on any difficulty they cannot harm the player on peaceful. They are used to collect poison with buckets/Skyroot Buckets or obviously for the Aechor petals. The petals from said plants can be used to tame Moas. The amount of Aechor Petals required to tame the Moas are as follows: 3 for Blue, 4 for White, and 7 (Due to a bug) for Black.


(1 for white moas, 4 for blue moas, and 8 for black moas)