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Advanced Miner II

ModGregTech 5 Unofficial
TypeMultiblock structure

The Advanced Miner II is a multiblock machine from GregTech 5 Unofficial for automatically mining and crushing ores. It also has improved yield compared to manual mining.


To create the Advanced Miner II, Solid Steel Casings, hatches, and the Controller in a 3x3x1 should be built to form the bottom layer. Above the center of this layer, a 3x1x1 pillar of casings should be built. On each side of the pillar, a Steel Frame Box should be placed.

The Controller must be placed in the center of one of the sides of the bottom layer of casings. All other components may replace any of the casings on the bottom layer.

Any of the Solid Steel Casings on the bottom layer may be replaced with an Input Hatch, Energy Hatch, Output Bus, or Maintenance Hatch. (Replacing the bottom center casing may pose a challenge in operating or automating that component.)


The Advanced Miner II must be provided with Drilling Fluid in its Input Hatch and Mining Pipes in the controller block's top-right invisible slot to function. The Miner requires at least 48 EU/t to operate.

The Miner's speed is determined by the tier of input hatch it is built with. The minimum tier is an MV Energy Hatch, which operates every 24 ticks (1.2 seconds). As with other multiblocks, each tier above the minimum will double the processing speed and quadruple the energy usage. Each operation consumes 100mb of Drilling Fluid, and has a 5% chance to successfully mine an ore. If it is successful, the ore is replaced with air and the ore's products are placed in the Miner's output bus. As with other multiblocks, if the output bus is full, the products will be deleted.

The Miner can mine any kind of ore and is not restricted to GregTech ores. If the ore can be processed in a Macerator, then its products are the results of macerating that ore, including all Pulverizer byproducts. Otherwise, if the ore can be harvested with Silk Touch, the product is the ore block itself. Otherwise, the product is the usual drops when mining the ore. In all cases, the amounts of the ore's products are multiplied by a random number between 1 and 5. This means the Miner will produce, on average, three times as many items as is found when mining by hand.

The Miner has an operation area of 97x97 blocks, which is 48 blocks in each cardinal direction from its controller block. Because the Miner does not load chunks, every chunk in its area of operation must be loaded or else the Miner will skip any blocks in that chunk. Leaving the chunks unloaded causes the mining pipe to be lowered more quickly, allowing it to reach a deeper ore vein without mining any nearby shallow veins.

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