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Advanced Miner

ModIndustrialCraft 2
Previous tier
Max EU input512 EU/t
EU storage4,000,000 EU

The Advanced Miner is a machine added by IndustrialCraft 2. As it's name suggests, it is an upgrade of the normal Miner. It only needs energy to mine, but an OD Scanner or an OV Scanner is still needed for branching to the side. It does need a Redstone signal though.

The Advanced Miner adds a Whitelist/Blacklist mode. A button inside the GUI will switch the mod. In Blacklist mode, the default mode, the Advanced Miner will ignore (not mine) any blocks placed the GUI; in Whitelist mode, it will only mine blocks in the GUI. The GUI is for filtration ONLY, the Advanced Miner needs a chest (or other storage device) above it to put items in.

The Advanced Miner has an addition feature: it can use Silk Touch if configured to do so. This, however, consumes much more energy.


The Advanced Miner can be upgraded even further. Overclocker Upgrades will increase the scanning speed. A Redstone Signal Inverter Upgrade will allow the miner to operate with a redstone signal.


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