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Advanced Information Panel

ModIC2 Nuclear Control
TypeSolid block
Previous tier

The Advanced Information Panel is a block added by IC2 Nuclear Control, as an upgrade to the Industrial Information Panel. It shows multiple parameters from a data source card, used to monitor blocks like the Nuclear Reactor and the MFSU. Advanced Information Panels do not require any energy to operate. Supplying a redstone signal will toggle it on or off, or you can use a button in the GUI. The parameters for display can be changed within the block's GUI. It can be rotated and removed with a Wrench.

Unlike the Industrial Information Panel, the Advanced Information Panel has a Color Upgrade built into it. It also can monitor up to three Information Cards rather than just one. Lastly, the Advanced Information Panel can be "stretched" through the GUI, to become thiner, face down or up, face left or right, as shown bellow.

Nuclear Control Advanced Info Panel.png

The above image also includes multiple Advanced Panel Extenders.



As of version 2.2.0a the recipe is modified, as inspired by the GregTech recipes.