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Advanced Greehouse

Max RF input RF/t
RF use1 RF/t
RF storage RF

The Advanced is the second greenhouse that can be used from Calculator. It works in much the same way as the Basic Greenhouse, but has more space for crops. When given a number of seeds, it will automatically grow and harvest them, and put the outputs into a chest.

To build it, first it must be given Rf power. It is highly recommended to do this using the cube below the greenhouse controller, so it won't be in the way of the output.

Next, a number of logs, planks, glass, and stairs must be placed in the greenhouse's UI.

In addition to this, the greenhouse needs a fair amount of space to grow. In addition to this, the ground under the center of the greenhouse must be dirt, or something else soft (not stone or cobblestone).

In the UI, there is a button to "build greenhouse". If you click it, then it will build as many steps of the construction as it can with the given materials.

If it doesn't do anything when this button is clicked, or if it doesn't fully build, then you will need to close the UI, and shift-right click on the greenhouse to figure out what needs to be given for it to continue.

The greenhouse can grow many types of crops, the most notable being Prunae Seeds. Prunae Seeds cannot be grown in most other automated farming systems, or on farmland.

Once built, attach a chest onto the front of the controller. The Basic Greenhouse will push its output into that chest, without the need of any conduits or pipes.

When you are done using the greenhouse, there is a button in the UI to dismantle it. Using this button will output most of the materials used for the construction.