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Advanced Genetics
Modicon advancedgenetics
Current developersObsiLP
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10
Unstable 1.7.2
Test Pack Please Ignore

Advanced Genetics is a mod by ObsiLP that adds the ability to use genetic science to give entities abilities. The player can inject Genes into themselves or other entities using a Syringe. Injected genes are lost upon death, however a Syringe can be used to create backups of them or the Homeostasis Tube can be used.

This mod allows for standard supernatural abilities such as teleporting, flying, and damage prevention when falling from heights, but it also adds some more unusual abilities such as the ability to produce Milk, Wool and Mushroom Stew.

This mod adds 13 machines in total, seven of which are necessary for core function. There are also several items for use, for gathering components, crafting or for use in conjunction with genetic abilities. Most machines require energy, which can be supplied via IndustrialCraft 2's Energy Units, Thermal Expansion's Redstone Flux, or energy directly from Advanced Genetics' Combustion Generator.

The Scraper is the most basic tool in this mod. It is used to scrape Skin Scales from mobs, which can be placed into a DNA Analyser to produce a Cell. It can then be passed through the machines (in order of DNA Decrypter, DNA Splitter, DNA Breeder), ultimately producing a Gene (Completed). A Syringe can then be used to inject the gene into the player. Although all genetic modifications are lost on death, a sample of modified blood can be stored away for use after a death.

Mob Abilities[]

Using the scraper on different mobs will produce different genes, with different effects. The abilities given by mobs is as follows:

In-game Mod Commands[]

Below is a list of all the in-game mod commands available:

  • /gene list - Displays all the player's Genes.
  • /gene add (gene name) - Adds a specified Gene to the player.
  • /gene remove (gene name) - Removes a specified Gene to the player.
  • /syringe add (ability name) - Adds an ability to the current Syringe held. Uses the unlocalized ability-name.
  • /syringe remove (ability name) - Remove an ability from the current Syringe held. Uses the unlocalized ability-name.


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