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Advanced Energy Cube

Previous tier
Next tier
EU storage800,000 EU
Max EU output320 EU/t
MJ storage8.000.000 MJ
Max MJ output0.0032 MJ/t
RF storage3,200,000 RF
Max RF output1,280 RF/t
Tesla storage3,200,000 T
Max Tesla output1,280 T/t

The Advanced Energy Cube is a machine added by Mekanism. It is the second tier of energy cubes. It can store and output more energy than the Basic Energy Cube. Furthermore the Cube can be used as a charging station for items. The next tier up is the Elite Energy Cube.

In addition to the cables from Mekanism (e.g., the Basic Universal Cable), the cables of all supported power systems can also be connected, such as the Cables from IndustrialCraft 2 (e.g., the Copper Cable), the Fluxducts from Thermal Dynamics (e.g., the Leadstone Fluxduct) and the Kinesis Pipes from BuildCraft.


Right-clicking on the block opens the Cube's GUI, which shows its internal storage.

Inside the minus slot the player can place other loaded energy cubes to transfer their energy to the Advanced Energy Cube.

Inside the plus slot the player can place items and tools to charge them. It is also compatible with items from other mods like the RE-Battery from IndustrialCraft 2.

The upper-left button (called "Side Config") opens the configuration of the cube, where sides can be set to receive or emit energy. If a side is disabled, the center of the side is transparent and no cable connects on this side. If the player holds the Configurator in their hand, the cube displays a color code on the side the player is looking at. Grey means "Off", red means "Output," and blue means "Input". Shift right-clicking a side changes the side's configuration.

With the lower-left button the player can change the displayed energy system between Energy Units, Redstone Flux, Minecraft Joules, and Tesla. The change only affects the display; the energy is still available in all forms inside the system.

The upper-right button configures the access rights for this block.

The lower-right button can change the Cube's behavior to Redstone. For example if the option is set to "High", then energy is only released when a redstone signal reaches the Cube.



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