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Advanced Electric Jetpack

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EU storage3,000,000 EU

The Advanced Electric Jetpack is an upgraded version of the Electric Jetpack from GraviSuite. While worn in the chest armor slot and charged with Energy Units (EU), it allows the player to fly. It provides no armor protection, but will charge tools being used in the same manner as the Advanced Lappack from its 3,000,000 (3 million) EU internal storage. An MFE or higher tier energy storage device is required to charge it.

The Advanced Electric Jetpack is limited to a maximum flying height of 256 meters (blocks) above the bedrock layer. For comparison, it is slightly better than the normal Jetpack (which is limited to ~245 meters above bedrock) and superior to the Electric Jetpack (which can only fly ~185 meters above bedrock).



Mode Controls Default Key
Flying Hold the Jump Key while the Jetpack Engine is on. Space
Boost Mode Hold the Boost Key while moving - configurable under Options, Controls, Boost Key.
Increased fly speed, but the energy consumed is 500%.
Toggle Jetpack Engine on/off Tap the toggle key - configurable under Options, Controls, Gravi Fly Key.
Energy is only consumed while the player is actively flying.
Toggle Hover Mode on/off Tap the toggle key - configurable under Options, Controls, Mode Switch Key - , while holding Spacebar.
Hover Mode will make the player ascend and descend more slowly.
  • The current percentage of charge remaining is shown in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • Using any EU-powered tool will instantly refill the tool's EU storage from the Advanced Electric Jetpack's reserves.

The Jetpack's Boost Mode effects horizontal speed, not vertical speed (i.e., the distance traveled over the ground). It only works while the Jetpack Engine is running. For example, with Hover Mode turned on, the user will travel very fast horizontally while holding the jump key, and travel moderately fast while descending, because the engine pulses on and off in order to lower the user slowly. This also means that when Hover Mode is turned off, the user will travel very fast while holding the jump key (and also climb vertically very fast), but as soon as the key is released, the player will slow down and only travel normal speed horizontally.

Therefore, the most horizontally efficient way to travel would be to start out close to the ground with Hover Mode on, then fly with boost until the player is very high up, then turn hover mode off, falling very quickly to the ground, and turning hover mode back on as the player is approaching, resuming the boost.