Advanced Diamond Drill

This page is about the GraviSuite Advanced Diamond Drill. For other uses, see Drill.
Advanced Diamond Drill

Mining levelDiamond
Previous tier
EU use50, 80, or 160 EU/use
EU storage45,000 EU

The Advanced Diamond Drill is a powerful mining tool added by GraviSuite. It is an upgrade from the Diamond Drill, and Energy Units (EU) storage and mining speed are increased.

It stores 45,000 EU, and is significantly faster than the Diamond Drill. It has a mining level equivalent to a Diamond Pickaxe, like the Diamond Drill. When used to attack entities, it will deal a single damage point. It can be enchanted, and with high enough Efficiency it can mine most blocks instantly.

Depending on the Drill's mode, it will consume 50, 80, or 160 EU per operation, unless the block has a hardness value of 0. Along with this increase in EU usage, it will also increase its digging speed.



The Advanced Diamond Drill can be used to place torches that are in the player's inventory. Right clicking with the tool in hand while using the mode switch key will change its mode.

Mode Energy usage Dig speed
Normal 160 35
Low power 80 16
Fine 50 10
Big holes 0 16

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