Advanced Alchemical Furnace (Thaumic Bases)

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This page is about Advanced Alchemical Furnace from Thaumic Bases. For other uses, see Advanced Alchemical Furnace.
Advanced Alchemical Furnace

ModThaumic Bases
TypeSolid block
TC4 Aspects





Previous tier

The Advanced Alchemical Furnace is a block added by Thaumic Bases. It is an upgraded version of the Alchemical Furnace from Thaumcraft 4. It will only accept Alumentum as a fuel, but will run twice as fast compared to the lower-tiered Alchemical Furnace.


Thaumonomicon entry

You are extremely annoyed about the speed of your Alchemical Furnace. There must be a way to speed that damn thing up! Sure, attaching more bellows helps... A tiny bit. However, what if you could use the Aer to use those bellows right next to the furnace's flame? Well, the furnace burns too hot and quickly becomes a pile of useless smelted construction. However, you have managed to use Thaumium to make the furnace more heat resistant! The result is a furnace, functioning just as a regular Alchemical Furnace, but 2 times faster! It,however, is only achievable if the furnace runs on the Alumentum. Bellows can also be attached to achieve even more speed.

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