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ModBetter With Addons
TypeSolid block

The Adobe is a set of 16 blocks added by Better With Addons. There are 8 variants of Adobe which come each in Wet and Dried version, each with different hardness and color.

Wet Adobe is crafted in the Cauldron, and when left in the daylight for long enough will turn into the appropriate Dried Adobe.


Wet Adobe is crafted by putting a mix of clay, sand, dung and wheat in the Cauldron. The following items are valid and have the following values for each material:

Item Value

Clay (Item)
1 Clay

Clay (Block)
4 Clay

1 Sand

4 Sand

1 Dung

9 Dung

1 Wheat

1 Wheat

1 Wheat

1 Wheat

1 Wheat

Hay Bale
9 Wheat

Putting at least 1 worth of clay and sand, with at least 4 materials total makes a valid recipe. Depending on the ratios of materials in the final mix, a different kind of Adobe will be created. The number of blocks of Wet Adobe is created is 1/4 of the total amount of materials (rounded down). Conditions are checked from top to bottom in the following table:

Wet Dried Condition Hardness Blast resistance Metadata (Wet/Dried) Notes

More than 50% clay 1.25 35 0/8

More than 50% sand 0.25 0 3/11 Will not drop when broken once dry

More than 50% dung 1.25 15 7/15

More than 50% wheat 1 25 4/12 Will not drop when broken once dry

Less than 10% dung and wheat combined and more clay than sand 1.25 15 1/9

Less than 10% dung and wheat combined and more sand than clay 1 35 2/10

More sand than dung and wheat combined 5 70 5/13

Any other proportions 8 35 6/14