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Tooltip textOr "Booklet", if you will

The Actually Additions Manual is an in-game manual added by Actually Additions. Right-clicking it will open it.

The "Naughty Edition" of the Actually Additions Manual, given specially to Xbony2.

The first time the Actually Additions Manual is opened, a message and button will appear, allowing for the automatic addition of bookmarks recommended by the mod author. Once that message is cleared, it will be replaced by a random quote about the mod and links to the in-game config and achievements page. The main page of the Actually Additions Manual will also include the edition of the manual; this is usually rendered as "Edition " plus the version number, such as "Edition 57", although some manuals have special editions for certain users. The bottom of the GUI includes twelve bookmarks that can be used to mark pages. There is one bookmark on the right side of the manual that links to the Trials section. The Actually Additions Manual's sections are organized into a table of contents based on blocks, items, Crystal Flux (CF) usage or lack of usage, and other miscellaneous sections, although there is a section for all pages and a search bar.


The Actually Additions Manual has a section for "Trials"— a set of challenges for players to complete if they desire. Trials are not automatically checked; when completed, the player must mark the Trial as complete in the book manually.

List of Trials


  • "Actually Additions, to me, is quite magical in a way." —Saphrym
  • "Actually quite cool. Lots of nice little additions." —Direwolf20
  • "Mod Dev quite rude and arrogant" —Bubb1e0seven
  • "A whimsical breath of fresh air in a stuffy tech-mod world." —mezz
  • "User-friendly :3" —TheMeeep
  • "A lot of stuff, some of it really good." —Narubion
  • "I like the bookmarks." —Vazkii
  • "It's got some stuff I guess." —Ellpeck
  • "Actually Additions should be included in every new modpack that includes any form of tech." —YasminEndusa
  • "A mod that basically lets you do what ever the heck you want." —Ristelle
  • "TINY TORCHES!! BABY TORCHES!! Somebody actually finally did it!!" —Soaryn
  • "Balanced mod wich makes things different - in a good way." —garantiertnicht
  • "The mod everyone needs, but not everyone knows" —Brewpl
  • "The in-game documentation is the best I’ve seen. I especially love the JEI integration. Even a derp like me can figure it out." —dannydjdk
  • "The second best mod I've ever used." —mmaas44
  • "The Fermenting Barrel is one of my favorite textures." —amadornes
  • "Smiley Clouds is the reason for fascism in 2016." —raoulvdberge
  • "The worms are an awesome idea!" —greenking
  • "Can I use that mod in my pack?" —Ibraheem
  • "Hello, love the mod." —SuntannedDuck2
  • "Quick! Have all the fun before they nerf it!" —JuddMan03
  • "I have a feeling Actually Additions is also like Extra Utilities with Random things smashed together why is it..." —lesslighter
  • "Leaf eater... munchdew... hummm" —EiOs
  • "There is no such thing as canola seeds." —AlBoVa
  • "This mod is cancer, BRUTAL EXPENSIVE POWER usage..Just, cancer." —KoJo
  • "Spaghetti is spaghetti, and noodles are noodles." —robsonld04
  • "The Actually Additions name is actually true. It's actually great!" —asiekierka
  • "Such a great mod" —jsdeveloper
  • "That mod is kind of funny." —Anonymous
  • "Actually Additions is a lot of fun." —Anonymous
  • "Is Actually Additions still fugly?" —Anonymous
  • "I like it, but it's so small." —Anonymous
  • "It has a couple of blocks I like, but overall it's just a mess." —Anonymous
  • "Direwolf's 1.10 playthrough is just him shilling Actually Additions" —Anonymous
  • "We thought about sending the author a bunch of pizzas to his adress [sic]" —Anonymous
  • "It's op as heck." —billofbong0
  • "Actually AdditionsってマイクラMODすごく良いのに日本人で遊んでる人あんまいないっぽい" —stay_uk (Japanese translation: Even though the MC Actually Additions mod is great, it seems like not many Japanese players play it.)[1]
  • "Actually Additions is OP. Not like my favorite combination of mods, Project E + Magic Crops + Draconic Evolution." —Anonymous
  • "To be perfectly honest, I never actually realized how much content Actually Additions has before." —Ellpeck
  • "I don't blame you, I actually downgraded to Actually Additions." —PvtSeaCow
  • "It is lonely because there is no device to fly items with the laser in the 1.7.10 version." —Google Translate
  • "始めまして。日本人です。このMODは本当に素晴らしい!ただ、1.7.10ヴァージョンだと、レーザーでアイテムを飛ばす装置がないので寂しいです。" —Anonymous(Japanese translation: Nice to meet you. I'm Japanese. This mod is truly fantastic! However, in version 1.7.10, it makes me lonely [sic] how there is no way for making items fly using lasers.)[1]
  • "Some verses found in older translations, such as the KJV were actually additions made by later copyists." —Pat_Joel
  • "I can't place filters into Laser Relays, but the mod is very cool." —LP_Jakob
  • "Am I good enough to be an Actually Additions tool" — deanwhufc


  • "Pants Edition" for dqmhose
  • "Illustrator's Edition" for TwoOfEight and BootyToast
  • "Cat's Edition" for KittyVanCat
  • "P's Edition" for canitzp (named after the suffix in canitzp's name)
  • "Edition 20" for direwolf20 (named after the suffix in Direwolf20's name)
  • "Derp's Edition" for dannydjdk and andrew_period
  • "Just Enough Editions" for mezz (named after mezz's mod, Just Enough Items)
  • "Beard's Edition" for amadornes
  • "Giraffe's Edition" for raoul
  • "Colorful Edition" [each letter rendered with random colors] for ellpeck and profprospector
  • "oitsjustanedition" for oitsjustjose
  • "Naughty Edition" for xbony2 (named after Xbony2's frequently sexually provocative language and attitude)
  • "Withered Edition" for themattabase
  • "Modpack Edition" for robsonld04
  • "Edition 35" for snowshock35 (named after the suffix in SnowShock35's name)
  • "‽ Edition" for asiekierka (named after the ‽ module of asie's mod, Charset)
  • "" [empty string] for elucent (unnamed after the mod author, Ellpeck, requested an idea for a name from elucent and received the reply that he did not even use the manual so it did not matter)
  • "Dev's Edition" for users using the manual in the development environment


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Version history
1.11-r89Added more quotes.
1.11-r103Added Trials.


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