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Active Fluid Cooler

TypeSolid block

The Active Fluid Cooler is a block added by NuclearCraft. It may be used to cool both Fission Reactors and Fusion Reactors.

Fission Cooling

The Active Fluid Cooler is placed inside a Fission Reactor reaction chamber and provides cooling.

Unlike regular coolers which are crafted with other ingredients, the Active Fluid Cooler is filled with fluid coolant during operation. Over time the coolant will be consumed and needs to be refilled. Compatible fluids are Water, Gelid Cryotheum, Destabilized Redstone, Resonant Ender, Energized Glowstone and Liquid Helium.

Coolant must be pumped into a Buffer from the outside, and pumped from the Buffer to the Active Fluid Cooler on the inside. The active cooler will use a maximum of 0.25 mB/t (0.5 mB/t in the upcoming v2.8) while the reactor is running. Further information may be found in the article on Fission Reactor.

Cooling rate: variable

Conditions: Must meet the same criteria as the matching type of cooler.

Fusion Cooling

Note: Active cooling will be removed after the reactor overhaul. The processes and values described below are accurate and effective as of NuclearCraft v2.16f.

Fusion Reactors may only be cooled by Active Fluid Coolers. The number of coolers required by a Fusion Reactor depends on the size of the reactor and the choice of Fuels (and any changes made for the modpack being played). Each fuel combination has a temperature at which the fusion process is most efficient. This temperate may be determined by multiplying the Heat Variable from the fuel table, by 1.21876. For example, the ideal temperature for a Hydrogen/Hydrogen is approximately 2600MK.

Active Fluid Coolers must be placed adjacent to two Fusion Electromagnets. Best performance can be achieved by placing pairs of Active Fluid Coolers on opposite sides of the entire fusion ring.

Active Fluid Cooler Placement

Active Fluid Coolers must be supplied with a fluid coolant. There are several different coolants; each with its own cooling rate as detailed below. Normally-solid materials such as Diamond and Lapis can be liquefied by processing them in a Melter. The following table lists the available coolants and their effectiveness:

(Values taken from Enigmatica 2 v 1.53 - Nuclearcraft 2.12f)

Coolant Rate
Water 400
Redstone 25600
Quartz 24000
Gold 38400
Glowstone 32000
Lapis 22400
Diamond 56000
Liquid Helium 52800
Ender 43200
Cryotheum 51200
Iron 19200
Emerald 28800
Copper 20800
Tin 24000
Magnesium 28800

When correctly placed and supplied with coolant, the Fusion Reactor GUI will display the cooling effects as illustrated in the sidebar. A cooling rate of 100% (stable, no change in temperature) can be achieved with different combinations of coolers. In the reactor used for testing while writing this document, stability was achieved with a single Active Fluid Cooler supplied with Molten Iron and a pair of Active Fluid Coolers supplied with Water.

NuclearCraft Fusion Reactor Active Cooling GUI Example