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This page is about the Achievements added by Extra Utilities 2. For other uses, see Achievements.

Extra Utilities 2 add a lot of new Achievements. The achievements are divided in four parts:

Part 1

Achievement Prerequisites Requirement ID

none Open Achievement List xu2.techtree.start

none Craft a Wrench (Extra Utilities 2) xu2.wrench

Tech-Tree Start Use a Manual Mill xu2.manual.mill

Tech-Tree Start Craft a Solar Panel xu2.solar.panel

Solar Panel Craft a Resonator xu2.power.resonator

Part 2

Achievement Prerequisites Requirement ID

none Get a Magical Wood xu2.magical.wood

Magical Wood Craft a Magical Boomerang xu2.boomerang

Magical Wood Craft a Golden Lasso xu2.golden.lasso

Magical Wood Craft a Builder's Wand xu2.builders.wand

Magical Wood Craft a Destruction Wand xu2.destruction.wand

Golden Lasso Craft a Cursed Lasso xu2.cursed.lasso

Golden Lasso Craft a Contract xu2.villager.contract

Villager Contract Craft a Chunk Loading Ward xu2.chunk.loader


Achievements are only available until 1.12 version as they are replaced by advancements in 1.12+ versions.

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