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Wireless Energy System

Wireless Energy System is an energy system introduced alongside with Imag Flux (IF) by AcademyCraft. It is fundamental in terms of progression in AcademyCraft - machines from AcademyCraft need it to get energy, and ability development also consumes significant amount of IF.


Several terms will be used when introducing wireless energy system.

  • Bandwidth: maximum IF transfer rate.
  • Capacity: maximum number of components that the system connect with. This has several meanings:
    • For the matrix, it means the maximum number nodes that it can connect with.
    • For nodes, it is the maximum channel number.
    • Do note that sometimes capacity refers to Energy Capacity or Load Capacity, the maximum amount of IF can stored.
  • Channel: a connection between a node and a machine; it can be a generator, consumer or bridge.
  • Transfer range: the area radius that a component can be connected with.


A wireless energy system usually contains the following components:

Wireless Imag Matrix

Main article: Wireless Imag Matrix

The Wireless Imag Matrix is the core of the whole system. It can connect multiple Imag Nodes as a whole and balance load on every nodes into other nodes. It is recommended to be used when there are many nodes to manage. In order to let the matrix work properly, three Constraint Metal Plates and a matrix core are required; the metal plates have a more aesthetic purpose, but different matrix cores can provide different transfer ranges and bandwidth.

Wireless Imag Node

Main articles: Basic Wireless Imag Node, Improved Wireless Imag Node, and Advanced Wireless Imag Node

The Wireless Imag Node is the storage unit of IF. It comes in three tiers, in ascending order: Basic, Improved, and Advanced. The higher-tiered a node is, it has improved energy storage, capacity, and transfer range.

IF Generator

The Imag Flux Generator is the machine that can generate IF for later use. Several are currently available in AcademyCraft, such as the Solar Generator, Phase Generator, and Toast and Cat. Note that the Toast and Cat is creative only, and it is designed for testing.

IF Consumer

The Imag Flux Consumer is the machine that requires IF to run, such as Normal Ability Developer, and its upgrade version, Advanced Ability Developer.

Energy Bridge

Main articles: Energy Bridge (IC2 EU Out), Energy Bridge (IC2 EU In), Energy Bridge (CoFH RF Out), and Energy Bridge (CoFH RF In)

The Energy Bridge is a means to transform IF into another form of energy or vice versa. Currently only Energy Units (EU) and Redstone Flux (RF) are supported.

Deploy Instruction

Main article: Getting Started (AcademyCraft)#Wireless Energy Network


The following table lists details for all Matrix Cores and Imag Flux Nodes.

Wireless Energy Network Components Specifics
Type Matrix Core Specifics Type Nodes Specifics
Capacity Transfer Range (Blocks) Bandwith (IF/t) Channel Capacity Energy Capacity (IF) Transfer Range (Blocks)
Basic 8 24 60 Basic 5 15,000 9
Improved 16 34 240 Improved 10 50,000 12
Advanced 24 42 540 Advanced 20 200,000 19


  • It is not required to build a matrix in order to power the machine like Metal Former, just like how it is not necessary to build a ME Controller in order to store items in ME Chest.