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The changelog for AcademyCraft is described here. This changelog can also be found here. Also, a more detailed copy of thechangelog can be found here.


  • Bugfixes
    • fix #539
    • fix #541


  • Feature
    • Two of our lead authors are not currently involved in Academy Craft updates, so no new feature.
  • Enhancement
    • Data capacity development machine is shown by rounding down to rounding, to prevent the development of players misleading.
    • Synchronization of the server and client data files to prevent the client and the server data inconsistencies have an unexpected exception.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed some data.
    • Fixed a problem where the client crashed when player teleported to other world.
    • Fixed Shift Teleport consumed two items per use.
    • Fixed vector reflection effects could not close naturally.
    • Fixed vector reflection effects won't disappear after re-entered a game.
    • Fixed failure of some skills of teleporter when used in minecart.


  • Feature
    • Which worlds are able to destroy blocks are configurable when you disabled block destroying
    • Now Vector Manipulation category has its own achievements
  • Enhancement
    • Correct some typos in config file
    • Rewrite Electro Master category in scala language and use Context, a better util to process network communication
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed paintings and item frames damaged when disabled block destroying
    • Fixed Vec Reflection/Deviation can't reflect EntitySmallFireball or EntityLargeFireball
    • Fixed Vec Reflection/Deviation reflects Experience Orbs
    • Fixed Data Terminal app count always 0
    • Fixed skill effects of Electro Master is invisible when playing MP


  • Feature
    • Matter unit can now put Imag Phase Liquid into world
    • Set of metallic blocks & entities is now configurable
    • Data Terminal's UI now shows current time
  • Enhancement
    • Implemented hopper pulling behaviour for Metal Former & Imag Fusor
    • Improvements for VecDeviation/Reflection
    • Changed texture of wave effect
    • Change to switch on-off style of controlling
    • Make list of affected entities configurable
    • Cancel knockback if absorbed all damage for Reflection
    • Fixed no exp increase for Reflection
    • Added screen-space effecct
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed logo in MisakaCloud not showing completely
    • Fixed NEI recipe support display for Metal Former & Imag Fusor
    • Fixed some typo in data config file
    • Fixed experience calculation for Magnet Movement and Dimension Folding Theorem skills
    • Fixed ElectronBomb's effect not displaying
    • Fixed teleportation of surrounding entities for LocationTeleport
    • Fixed some potential issues about CP/Overload consumption


  • Features
    • Implemented full ability data customization. Find it in config/academy-craft-data.conf after starting the game once.
    • Add option to disable MisakaCloud Terminal's auto acquire (#345).
  • Enhancements
    • Updated zh_TW lang.
    • Rewrite Location Teleport skill.
    • Rewrite level progress calculation logic. It is now based on skill experence increment rather than CP usage.
    • Improved font rendering in lower resolutions.
    • Rewrite media player, fix some subtle bugs. (Also adjusted UI a little)
    • Some code optimization. Improve game loading speed & network performance.
    • Added localization for Skill Tree console texts.
    • Increase the speed of ability developement.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fix breaking container blocks doesn't close relevant UI (#299).
    • Fix some unintended failure when resetting ability.


  • Enhancements
    • Add GUI for energy bridges (#325)
    • Update ja_JP.lang to newest content
    • Improved desc of Storm Wing to tell that it breaks blocks
  • Bugfixes
    • Fix Basic&Luck Mining ray crash. (#327)
    • Fix Metal Former doesn't save inventory (#324)
    • Fix Metal Former can't cycle mode properly with some mods installed (#321)
    • Fix Metal Former's mode cycle direction (#331)
    • Fix Metal Former and Imag Fusor sound still playing when broken
    • Fix Teleporter critical hit crashes game
    • Fix opening WindGenBase UI doesn't block further action (#316)
    • Fix clicking on some stacks in UIs will cause them to be dropped out immediately
    • Fix wireless users lost connection on world reload
    • Fix phase liquid doesn't generate in other worlds (e.g. Multi world plugins)


1.0 prX

1.0 pr3

  • In-Game Tutorials
  • GUI rework + Better fonts
  • Regional ability disabling
  • More stability fixes

1.0 pr2

  • Redesign crafting system
  • Improve skill data