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Modicon AcademyCraft.png
Current developersWeAthFolD, et al
Supported Minecraft versions1.12.2
Depends onLambdaLib
Previously depended onLiUtils

AcademyCraft is a mod developed by Lambda Innovation, with the theme of superability [sic]. In this mod, players need to collect natural resources to build the Ability Developer and use the developer to learn their own abilities. There are more than 40 different abilities in AcademyCraft, classified into four categories: Electromaster [sic], Teleporter, Meltdowner [sic], and Vector Manipulator. One player can have only one ability category and, if necessary, there is also way to override his/her category.

AcademyCraft introduces a new type of energy named Imag Flux [sic] (IF for short), as well as a wireless energy system based on Wireless Imag Matrix and Wireless Imag Node. Most machines in AcademyCraft require Imag Flux to keep running. Besides its own generator, AcademyCraft also provides methods to exchange IF with EU or RF.

As the name indicates, the mod is a reference to the anime A Certain Scientific Railgun. Many of its abilities are based on the setting and plot of that anime. However, AcademyCraft itself is not limited to anime, and it provides many abilities that can benefit players' daily lives in the Minecraft world.


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