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This page is about Ability System in AcademyCraft. For Ability System in ChromatiCraft, see Ability (ChromatiCraft).
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The Ability (sometimes referred to as Superability [sic], i.e. Psi) System is the core content of AcademyCraft. With the help of various abilities, the player can do things that were impossible in vanilla Minecraft, most notably area-of-effect attack abilities and defense abilities.


  • Level: The player's overall ability level, divided into 5 different levels, denoted from Level 1 to Level 5. It can be abbreviated as Lv.0 ~ Lv.5. Different abilities requires different Levels to learn. [lower-alpha 1]
  • Skill Experience: The player's experience in any given ability, i.e. how well the player uses an ability. An ability's skill experience will increase as players keep using them. It is also required for skill tree progression.
    • Milestone: Certain stage(s) of Skill Experience. When a milestone is reached, the ability will increase in power.
  • CP: the Calculation Power. According to the mod settings, "...In order to interferer [sic], or change, the nature of world, players need enough Calculation Power (abbr. CP) to warp the reality." CP is the resource depleted when using an ability. Each time player performs an ability, CP will be consumed. Player cannot use any abilities when CP is too low. CP will regenerate as time passes.
  • Overload: How players' capability are loaded as they keep using abilities. Each time a player uses an ability, the player's overload level will increase. The player can only use abilities with Overload at a certain threshold; otherwise, the player cannot perform ability. Overload can be reduced as time goes by.
  • Sync Rate: The required energy for the player to learn an ability. Higher sync rate is inversely proportional to required IF.

Ability Category

Most Abilities belong to one of four categories:


Electromaster is a category that is equally combat and utility-oriented.


Meltdowner was considered the most destructive category until Vector Manipulator was introduced. It is much more combat-focused than Electromaster and Teleporter, but could also be considered extremely effective due to Abilities like the mining rays, which effectively replace pickaxes, or Jet Engine, which flings the player in a desired direction while ignoring fall damage.


Teleporter is heavily utility-based and allows the player to move instantly to faraway and visible locations, remember places and teleport to them (across dimensions), or place blocks almost quadruple the original range.

Vector Manipulator

Vector Manipulator is by far the most powerful category in the mod, at least in terms of raw power, though it only has a few moves that falls under it. This is largely due to the Solar Cannon, an Ability which creates large glowing plasma balls, and leaves a large crater in its wake.

There are also Abilities that appear in all four categories: Brain Course, Brain Course Advanced [sic], Mind Course, and Advanced Brain Course.{{{1}}} [sic] These aim to increase the maximum CP value and the overload limit.


In order to acquire and perform abilities, several machines are required.

Ability Developer

Main articles: Portable Developer, Normal Ability Developer, and Advanced Ability Developer

Ability Developers are the devices that help players learn abilities. Generally speaking, the only difference among those three developers are Sync Rate. As such, it is better to use a developer with higher Sync Rate due to its higher efficiency. Beside Sync Rate, some of those three developers have some unique features: the Portable Developer is the only developer that features as an item, while the Advanced Ability Developer is the only developer that can support Ability Override.

Wireless Energy Network

Main article: AcademyCraft/Wireless Energy System

All three Ability Developers are IF consumers, as learning Abilities consumes a significant amount of energy. Therefore, a stable energy supply is necessary for ability learning.

Ability Interferer

Main article: Ability Interferer

In a Minecraft server, a server owner may not want some abilities to alter a certain area. This can be done by using the Ability Interferer, which prevents abilities from being used in a given area.


See also: Getting Started (AcademyCraft)#Progression

The progression in AcademyCraft features as the effort of becoming more and more skilled in a certain Ability category. Players are expected to keep using their learned Abilities so that they can unlock more powerful abilities. There is no way to work around Skill Experience aside from using cheat commands.


Abilities are used by binding a key to an Ability, (e.g., Jet Engine being bound to the "K" key.). Either press or hold down the key to activate an ability. If the Ability requires pressing, (e.g., Electron Bomb), but the key is held down, the ability will function as normal. If the Ability requires the key to be held down but the key is only pressed, (e.g., Scatter Bomb), nothing will happen but the player will be charged that set amount of CP.


  1. Even though there is a Level 0 in the original A Certain Scientific Railgun series, it is absent from AcademyCraft. Also, the fact that there is no Level 6 available in AcademyCraft has a high possibility to be the respect to the original work, where none of the characters are Level 6.