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Abandoned Library

The Abandoned Library is a structure added by Mystcraft. It is found in all Mystcraft Ages.

Libraries contain many bookshelves, 5 Lecterns, and as many as 5 Symbol Pages (one per lectern). In addition, there are wooden support beams in the corners, and plenty of cobblestone. If generated on a cliff or suchlike, some libraries may be malformed, with multiple "floors" among which the lecterns and bookcases are divided. Above the bookcases are cobwebs shielding a darkened ledge around the room; monsters can and likely will spawn there before the player reaches the library. Near the entrance is a secret chest containing more pages, several Sealed Notebooks, and materials such as Leather, Paper, or Ink Vials. These materials might help a stranded player to create a new Descriptive Book, and escape to an Age with more resources and perhaps even a Star Fissure.

Libraries will only spawn on the surface of the age (any place where the sky is unobstructed), so if it is a Cave World, they will be on the surface at ~Y=127. Libraries are easy to notice in Void worlds, as they stand out against the sky.

There is currently no way to disable the spawning of Libraries within an age.

Abandoned Library.png