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ATLauncher is a launcher, community and large group of modpacks founded by RyanTheAllmighty. When RyanTheAllmighty wanted to share his personal modpack with his YouTube audience, he created the ATLauncher in order to do so. Unlike most platforms, ATLauncher does not have any official modpacks. All of the modpacks available through it are third-party modpacks. There are about 100 public modpacks available, with about 300 modpacks total[1]. A large amount of ATLauncher's modpacks are for private servers, and several are created by YouTubers and streamers. Many are for general use, however. The most popular of these include SkyFactory 2 and Resonant Rise, which have millions of downloads.

The Launcher

The ATLauncher has gone through several stages. The current version includes a page with news, a page with all of the installable modpacks, a page with all of the user's instances, a page for managing accounts, a tools page, and a settings page. There is also a separate window for the console.

In the "Packs" section, modpacks can be downloaded. When downloaded, an instance of that modpack will be created, which can be viewed, played and managed in the "Instances" section.


The ATLauncher website

The ATLauncher website is located at https://www.atlauncher.com. The launcher can be downloaded there, and all of the modpacks ATLauncher has available can be browsed. This includes private modpacks, although they can't be downloaded or viewed through the launcher normally. The modpacks can be sorted by "position" and when they were last updated. Each modpack page includes a description, links to points of interest, and statistics including the number of client installs, server installs and amount of time played.


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