AND Gate (InfraRedstone)

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AND Gate

TypeTile entity
Blast resistance24
This page is about the AND Gate added by InfraRedstone. For other uses, see AND Gate.

The AND Gate is a block added by InfraRedstone. It has 3 input sides and one output side. When all of its active sides receive an Infra-Redstone signal (or a normal Redstone signal which is treated as a 1 (000001)), it outputs an Infra-Redstone signal whose value is the bitwise AND of all active inputs. For example, a 3 (000011) and a 6 (000110) gives an output of 2 (000010).

Each input side has a torch that lights up when it receives a signal. Right-clicking on one lowers it, making its input inactive and thus ignored. Only one input side may be inactive at a time.

The output side also has a torch that can be independently lowered. When lowered, the gate switches to boolean mode. In this state, it outputs a signal of 1 (000001) if all active inputs have a signal, and a signal of 0 otherwise.